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Sixth Form Pastoral and PSHE


At Dr Challoner's High School we are very much aware that our students are exceptionally skilled and hard-working young women, balancing their education and exams with work experience, extra-curricular activities and teenage life.

Our Pastoral and PSHE programme responds to this and educates our Students on the importance of nurturing their well-being, preparing them for how to manage and enjoy the adventures of Sixth Form Life and Beyond.

Women of the World

Within the Sixth Form, we have tailored a programme of PSHE sessions and workshops which nurture the ‘Life Skills’ our students need in the modern, cosmopolitan world in which they live.

Each half term has a theme, which is explored through form time discussions, assemblies and PSHE workshops. These are focused in on what our students need, when they need it, responding to the changes of Sixth Form Life each half term brings

TermsPartYear 12 ThemeYEar 13 Theme
Autumn1New Beginnings: Preparing to Succeed  The UCAS Journey: Knowing Where I am and Where I want to go
2A Healthy, Happy YouMe and My Strengths
Spring1Diversity and IdentityRelationships: With Myself and Others
2What Makes Me Happy?Life After Challoner’s
Summer1Being Exam ReadyBeing Exam Ready

Wellbeing and Mindfulness

It is vital that we take time out of the day to reinvigorate and energise, so in the Sixth Form, the students partake in a programme designed to encourage self-awareness and self-reflection.

During ‘Mindfulness Monday’ the students spend 20 minutes with members of their form and their form tutor practising calming the mind and body.

Our students lead very busy lives – we aim to help them find the strategies to foster relaxation and calmness, strategies we hope they will take with them as they continue in their lives after Challoner’s High.

Fun and Team Work

Form Time on Thursdays is all about having fun and building friendships and relationships with other students.

Forms are given a random activity – Articulate, Charades, Find the Penguin, Quiz, Doodle-ology…

They spend 20 minutes being creative, resourceful and probably a little bit silly!

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