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There are 5 houses at Dr Challoner's High School each named after inspirational women.Bronte, Curie, Nightingale, Pankhurst and Teresa lead by House Captains and a supporting team. Every pupil in our school is allocated to a house and 'House Spirit' is in abundance.

The Houses will compete for the ultimate championship  as overall winning house which is awarded at the end of Easter term this year for the house with the most points and now the challenge is on!

The houses of Dr Challoners High School show a true depiction of the fun, talent and spirit of the 'Challygirl' students and their teachers

The Houses

In the Blue corner, we have Bronte house- a house driven to win at any cost whilst giving the house events that extra sparkle with bright blue tutus. They also managed to pull off the infamous ‘Mean Girls’ rendition of ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ at Teacher Dance 2016, which I’m pretty sure will go down in Houses history. 

Next up, we have Curie house, or as they like to be called, the ‘Curie Cuties’. If you’re looking for anything green to wear for a fancy dress party, whether that is science lab coats, clover hats or even sumo suits, the Curie cuties are there for your every need, probably whilst singing George Michael at the top of their lungs - #HouseDressGoals. 

Our next house is Nightingale alongside a purple elephant - yes, Nightingale does, in fact, have the coolest mascot, in my humble opinion. This house has purple blood running through their veins and has more than enough house spirit to sustain a whole school year - even amidst the January Blues, and exam times - that won't stop the Nightingale army. 

Are those bright yellow bananas that I see? Yes! It must be, the Pankhurst house . Pankhurst are famous for their success in house events, such as House Dance 2016, however, their competitive nature is met by their silliness and humour, which makes them very special indeed. 

Finally, in the Red corner we have Teresa house with their kindness and generosity , but also being totally unafraid of a challenge. Teresa is our current 'Sports Day Champions' and will use as much red face paint as possible to motivate their team to a continued victory. 


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