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Vision and Values



We are here to provide the best possible education for girls.

Our tradition of excellence will never change but we are also passionate about the breadth of aspiration and opportunity. At the heart of our inspirational school, we strive to free girls to be themselves.

We believe that girls deserve an environment that enables them to be confident, resilient and ready to contribute significantly to the world.

The world is ever changing; Challoner's girls will shape that world



I’m Ella, I’ve been at Challoner’s High since Year 7, and I’m currently taking History, Latin and Classical Civilisation at A Level. I have loved my time at Challoner's High. The tremendous support and encouragement from teachers have inspired me in my learning and helped me achieve my personal goals. From the start of Year 12, I have embraced leadership roles in extra-curricular clubs (not something I would have envisaged having the courage to do before) and have also been given the opportunity to become a subject prefect. My advice to Sixth Formers, whether you’ve been at the school for a while or are new this year, is to get involved in as much as you can and take advantage of the opportunities awarded to you


All the teachers are so positive and are people that I will really miss when I leave; they offer so much support and make my day:)

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