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Curriculum Offer


Our Curriculum Offer

At Dr Challoner’s High School we offer a broad, exciting curriculum that ensures that our students are given all the opportunities for academic success but are also well-rounded, confident individuals with a wide-range of skills and interests. 

Every Sixth Form student has a range of required and optional choices to make up their timetable, please see the details below: 

Three A Level CoursesA Fourth A Level (Subject to Grade Requirements)
An EPQA Co-Curricular Studies Course
Co-Curricular ActivitiesSixth Form PE
PSHE (Weekly) Personal, Social, & Health EducationCSLA (Community Sports Leader Award)
Volunteering / Work Experience (One Hour / Week)Bespoke Oxbridge and Medical programmes
 Connections events with Alumni across Industries (Weekly)”

A levels 

A Levels are the core of our curriculum and make up the majority of each student’s timetable. We expect that the majority of students to study three A levels, with students who attain the required GCSE grades having the option to study four. Students should consider the option of a fourth A level very carefully, as almost all university offers require only three A-level grades. Advice on taking four is offered by the school on an individual basis.


All Sixth Form students undertake an EPQ, the Extended Project Qualification. This is an independent study giving students the option to research a topic of their choosing. Students can choose a title relating to their A level subjects, their chosen degree or any area of interest to them. Universities rate the EPQ highly for the skills, independence and research methods involved in the project. The EPQ is worth the equivalent of half an A-level in UCAS points and is often an important point for discussion in university interviews. 

Co-Curricular Studies

Students attend a course which focuses on our society and our students. They will have the opportunity to undertake discussion of ethical issues designed to develop their debating skills and raise their awareness of topical issues. To enrich their Sixth Form study, students will also have the chance to explore topics outside of their A Levels specification for which they have a keen passion.

Connections Events

Each week we have a range of speakers coming in at lunchtime to talk to the students, these talks are hugely popular with our students and have ranged from medicine, law and politics through to acting and journalism. These speakers tend to come from our Alumnae body and our students have been able to secure vital tips, work experience and guidance as well as a peek into the everyday lives of our extraordinary former students.”

PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education)

The Sixth Form PSHE curriculum builds upon what students learn at KS3 and 4. It takes place weekly and is delivered by specialist Sixth Form tutors. Our high-quality PSHE offering is an essential part of Sixth Form life and includes; Financial Responsibility, Preparation for University/Post-18 Independence, Mindfulness and Wellbeing and a range of other useful sessions. The focus of the curriculum is designed to enable students to make informed decisions through their day-to-day life, but also to prepare them for life beyond Sixth Form. 


All Sixth Form students are expected to undertake weekly volunteering: students have an allocated afternoon lesson for this. Students organise their own placements and find a wide range of different options including GP surgeries, primary schools, local businesses and mentoring schemes. If students already volunteer outside of the school day, for example at a Brownies group, then they use this allocated lesson as an additional study period.

Sixth Form Games

We encourage all our Sixth Formers to stay active during their A-levels as we believe in the importance of physical exercise to promote healthy minds Our Sixth Form offer includes compulsory Sixth Form Sport in which students have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities of their choosing.

My name is Bella and I’ve been a student at this school from the very beginning of year 7. I am currently studying A Levels in Biology, Geography, and Chemistry, as well as undertaking an EPQ. What stands out most to me about the sixth form is the dynamism. The student teacher relationships are brilliant and the energy and commitment from all the students who surround me daily is inspiring. We all get on, we push each other, we try to excel in everything we do and in true Challoner's High style we have fun.

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