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Mentoring current students

At Dr Challoner’s High School, we highly value our connection with our former pupils. We celebrate the achievements and experiences of our alumnae with current students, staff and the local community. We are always looking to welcome mentors, guides and, most importantly, inspirational role-models, who our pupils can relate to. You are one of them! Becoming an alumna mentor is a fun, flexible way to inspire a young person, unlock their true potential, and guide them through the early stages of their career journey.​


Our mentoring programme is an opportunity for a pupil and an alumna to meet, focusing on tips and valuable practical help, from someone who has probably been through the same process!​

Together, you’ll speak about career options & pathways, helping them to understand more about the next steps the pupil can take and how they can immerse themselves in the world of work. You may look at the skills they’ll need to kickstart a rewarding future as well as more practical issues such choosing the right Higher Education provider.​


By sharing your professional and life experience you’ll help students:​

  • Identify their personal strengths and skills for development​
  • Present themselves in a professional manner​
  • Explore different career paths and how to navigate towards them​
  • Gain real experience of the world of work ​

Becoming a mentor is also a great way of growing your professional skill set, developing your leadership, guidance and relationship building skills.​

If you would like to know more about our mentoring programme please contact us via the Challoner’s High Network or email [email protected]

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