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Challoner's High Network


Welcome to our Challoner's High Network

We have always taken pride in the incredible women who emerge from their education at Challoner’s High and so we are delighted to enable our alumnae to reconnect with each other and the school through our Challoner’s High Network.

As an alumna, you can benefit from this strong, supportive, engaged and lifelong network.  Whether you are looking to connect professionally or simply look up old friends, the Challoner’s High Network is here for you.  With access to a wealth of knowledge, resources and networking opportunities, as well as a chance to share great memories, and even to arrange reunions, now is a great time to reconnect.​

If you have not yet had a chance to join our alumnae network please click here to register. ​

The Challoner’s High Network platform allows all Dr Challoner’s High School alumnae, staff, ex-staff and students to connect with one another. You can sign up in less than two minutes by registering with your LinkedIn or Facebook profile or by registering with your email address.​

Below are just some of the great benefits of joining:   ​

  • Hear all the latest news about Challoners’s High, fellow alumnae, reunions etc. ​
  • A full opt-in directory of alumnae and students, allowing you to connect with your Challoner’s High​ community around the world. ​
  • A mentorship program, giving you the opportunity to be mentored by others or offer mentorship to fellow alumnae and/or current students (please see more about our mentoring scheme below). ​
  • A job board with current opportunities, posted by alumnae, students and strategic  partners. ​
  • Group conversations allowing you to engage with those from your own year, or with the same interests, careers, industries, locations as you. ​
  • Events posted by alumnae, students and Dr Challoner’s High School​, inviting you to upcoming events, webinars, talks, other networks etc.​
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