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Shop for Challoner's


Shop for Challoner’s

Supporting The Challoner’s Girls Foundation

Shop for Challoner’s is a hugely successful fundraising scheme, run by dedicated parent volunteers of Dr Challoner’s High School since 1998. 

The scheme is incredibly simple and costs you nothing! We bulk-buy the following reloadable store gift cards at a discount, you pay and receive them at face-value and the difference is donated to The Challoner’s Girls Foundation, supporting the school.

John Lewis/Waitrose – we get 4% back for each order
(Can be used for in-store and/or online shopping)

Tesco and/or Sainsbury’s – we get 4% back for each order

(Use for in-store shopping)

So the foundation receives this payback at no cost to you!

Click here to join the Scheme and raise money for the school at no cost for you!

How it works:

1) Use the link above or the QR code below to register. You will be asked to provide contact details and tell us which cards you would like to have.
2) We will be in touch to arrange the delivery of the cards.

3) Make payment to the scheme bank account as follows:


Sort Code:   20-02-06

Account Number: 80092800

(Ref. Your or your daughter’s name/year group)

4) We then load the cards with the relevant amount(s), at a predetermined date each monthThere is no obligation to order every month, though it obviously helps if you can. (We can also arrange John Lewis e-vouchers at short notice for big-ticket items such as furniture/electronics/ white goods).

5) Spend your gift cards - safe in the knowledge that you are playing your part in raising substantial amounts of money to support your daughter’s school, at no extra cost (and we hope minimal inconvenience) to you.

6) If we don’t hear from you and assuming we receive payment by the due date, we upload your cards in the same way every month, there is no need to contact us before each upload. If you’d like to amend anything, please email us or use the link or QR code above.

The scheme is open to anyone connected to Challoner's High. All orders are welcome – big or small; regular or one-off, it’s a collective effort that all adds up. 

Please email [email protected] for any queries at all.

Thank you for all support.

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