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I’m a teacher myself and know how hard it is at the moment in schools.  I am most impressed with Challoner’s High.  We wanted to thank everyone for everything. Thank you.  School is doing a fantastic job. There is lots that is negative right now in the news but we are so grateful for your school.”

Sixth Form Admissions 2024

For entry into Year 12, in addition to students from the school's Year 11 who have fulfilled the entry  requirements, the Sixth Form Admission Number is 20.  If more  than 20 external candidates successfully meet the entry requirements, use of the Sixth Form oversubscription criteria (paragraph 5.3 of Admissions Policy) will determine which applicants are allocated the number of external places after qualifying internal candidates are allocated their places.

Minimum entry requirements (which are the same for both internal and prospective applicants) are as follows:

Girls are required to achieve a minimum of 48 points from their best 8 GCSE or iGCSE subjects, including a minimum of 5 points in both English Language or English Literature and Mathematics. Short course GCSE qualifications and GCSEs or iGCSEs achieved after re-sits will not be considered as part of the entry criteria. In addition, girls must meet the entry requirements for each of the A Level courses for which they have applied. Admission is also dependent upon there being space in the classes for the chosen courses and that the combination of courses fits the school’s timetable.

Sixth Form Entry Application Process

We welcome applications to our Sixth Form for September 2024 entry. The application window is open from 1st October 2023– 22nd January 2024 (closing at 5pm).

Sixth Form Application - Admission September 2024 for prospective new to Challoner's High Students - applications close 22nd January 2024, 5pm.  

Sixth Form Application Form

Subject Summary and Entry Requirements

If you wish to complete the application form after the deadline of 5pm on the 22nd January 2024,  your details will be kept on file.  Should we open a new application window then we will email you using the email address supplied and invite you to apply.


The school and sixth form team has been extremely supportive throughout the UCAS process and I am extremely grateful for the guidance!


Moving schools for sixth form can be overwhelming but Dr Challoner’s High School is well prepared and welcoming, so I quickly adjusted. The education is outstanding and the teachers communicate brilliantly with the students, ensuring an exceptional standard of learning. I’ve been impressed by how much there is going on and all the effort that goes in which I feel creates a real sense of community. I’ve become Deputy Head girl and I’m applying for some amazing universities! I’m so pleased I made the decision to move to Challoner’s and I know the school will equip me excellently for life after sixth form

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