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Open Days

Welcome from Mr Roe Headteacher


A very warm welcome to Dr Challoner’s High School.

We are here to provide the best possible education for girls.  We are passionate about the breadth of aspiration and opportunity, and ensure that our girls are empowered with the skills, habits and attributes needed to thrive in the 21st Century and to contribute significantly to the world.

A leading selective grammar school for girls, Challoner’s High has a strong tradition of academic excellence, consistently placing in the top 30 in state school examination league tables and top in Bucks for academic progress (value added).  Judged by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’, we subsequently became only the ninth school in the country to gain the Exceptional Schools Award.  Nearly all of our students choose to go to university, with most going to Russell Group institutions, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Beliefs so often shape reality.  For decades our values have led to a supportive, joyful and intellectually ambitious education.  We believe that girls learn best when all are valued, inspired, curious and happy.  We believe that all girls, whether naturally quiet or gregarious, can become confident, resilient and courageous; free to follow their own paths; discover their own passions and achieve their personal bests.  Therefore, at the heart of our school is a tightly-knit and highly purposeful community of students and teachers – a warm-hearted community characterised by compassion, commitment and a strong instinct for the fun, creative and clever.  

An infectious vibrancy and a generosity of spirit underpin Dr Challoner’s High School as a ‘home from home’ for 1290 girls aged between 11 and 18.  Our girls will shape the world over the coming decades and it is our mission to provide them with the best possible preparation, whilst also daily recognising that learning is inherently joyful.  

Alan Roe

The school feels less like a school and more like a family with everyone supporting each other to meet ambitious targets. 

It has been an amazing 7 years here, thank you all for making this school the amazing place that it is!

A welcome from our Head Girl, Katie Broadhead

Hello and welcome to Dr Challoner’s High School. My name is Katie Broadhead, and I am very proud to be the 60th Head Girl of this incredible establishment. Challoner’s High is a community that truly allows individuals to thrive, both academically and otherwise – undoubtedly a ‘second home’ for us all.

This year, I am very fortunate to be working with a phenomenal Head Girl Team, and preserving the unique and extraordinary community here is of the utmost importance to us all. In the coming year, we will all be working very hard to continue to provide a thoroughly inclusive environment, which allows students to happily look forward to arriving at school every day.

Academically, our school is certainly outstanding, and this year, the Head Girl Team will be focusing on celebrating everyone’s achievements, academic and otherwise. I can attest to the fact that Challoner’s High has a huge co-curricular offering, run by both staff and students – whether it is music, drama, sport, or astronomy, there really is something for everybody. We will also be focusing on celebrating the diverse range of cultures and backgrounds within our school. We are very excited to be continuing and bolstering all of our school traditions and house events, having learnt from pandemic restrictions the importance of our whole school celebrations.

Furthermore, we will be concentrating on ensuring that the whole Head Girl Team is readily accessible to all students, and any ideas, concerns or questions raised will be listened to and acted upon immediately. There is a strong culture of respect here at Dr Challoner’s High School – students respect each other and their teachers, and importantly, the staff respect their pupils. This creates a caring environment in which students are supported in achieving their personal best and are provided with opportunities to equip them with the experience, self-belief, and courage necessary to enter the world after their education.

I have had an excellent experience so far at Challoner’s High, thanks to the staff and students, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that all Dr Challoner’s High School students can enjoy an equally superb secondary education.

"walking around the school, especially when doing tours, i feel very proud and lucky to be able to come to this school.  Year 8"

Students universally portray positive attitudes to learning, often inspired by top quality teaching Challenge Partners March 2023


We are delighted to be a founding member of the ICGS, a global network that is united in elevating women’s leadership worldwide by educating and empowering our students to be ethical, globally minded changemakers @girlsschools





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