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Open Days

Welcome from Mr Roe Headteacher


A very warm welcome to Dr Challoner’s High School.

We are here to provide the best possible education for girls.  We are passionate about the breadth of aspiration and opportunity, and ensure that our girls are empowered with the skills, habits and attributes needed to thrive in the 21st Century and to contribute significantly to the world.

A leading selective grammar school for girls, Challoner’s High has a strong tradition of academic excellence, consistently placing in the top 50 in state school examination league tables.  Judged by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ in 2012, we subsequently became only the ninth school in the country to gain the Exceptional Schools Award in July 2014.  Nearly all of our students choose to go to university, with most going to Russell Group institutions, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Beliefs so often shape reality.  For decades our values have led to a supportive, joyful and intellectually ambitious education.  We believe that girls learn best when all are valued, inspired, curious and happy.  We believe that all girls, whether naturally quiet or gregarious, can become confident, resilient and courageous; free to follow their own paths; discover their own passions and achieve their personal bests.  Therefore, at the heart of our school is a tightly-knit and highly purposeful community of students and teachers – a warm-hearted community characterised by compassion, commitment and a strong instinct for the fun, creative and clever.  

An infectious vibrancy and a generosity of spirit underpin Dr Challoner’s High School as a ‘home from home’ for 1140 girls aged between 11 and 18.  Our girls have the potential to help shape the world over the coming decades and it is our mission to provide them with the best possible preparation, whilst also daily recognising that learning is inherently joyful.  

Alan Roe

A welcome from our Head Girl, milana djakovic

I’m Milana and I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to represent Challoner’s High this year as the 55th Head Girl.​

It goes without saying that Challoner’s thrives in producing exceptional academic success, but we are made of so much more than that. Our community is such an amazing one, built up of strong, individual personalities that all play a part in making the school as vibrant as it is. Challoner’s girls are kind-hearted, open-minded and determined, and the immense support and encouragement at school is what has helped us all to achieve these traits.

This year, I’m so fortunate to be working alongside an incredible team of prefects and mentors, all focused on further improving the environment of Challoner’s, and maintaining the underlying spirit of our school community.​

Over the course of the coming year, we hope to encourage integration between year groups, develop and extend the school’s approach to mental health, and continue celebrating student achievements that aren’t just academic. We want to make sure every girl feels confident in speaking out and has a say in policies run by the board.​

I know this year will be an incredible one, which will challenge us as a student body and community, and I’m so excited to work with everyone to achieve the best we can in making Challoner’s High the greatest version of itself to date.

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