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Why is Careers Education so important?

The constant ever-changing world of work and education make it essential that all of our pupils have access to a career education that is forward-thinking and personalised.

Students need to learn strategies that will equip them to plan and manage their learning and career pathways at and beyond Dr Challoner’s High School. This learning will contribute to them gaining the toolkit they need to be impactful young adults with the qualities and competencies that they need to succeed in society and “Shape the World”.

“Career development is a lifelong process of skill acquisition and building through a continuum of learning, development and mastery. This process enables people to be in charge of their own career, with enough focus and direction for stability and enough flexibility and adaptability for change along the way.”

(Phillip S. Jarvis, 2003, p7)

We are delighted to share that Dr Challoner's High School has been offered the title of National Careers Champion & Ambassador School, being recognised not only in Buckinghamshire but nationwide, by the Careers & Enterprise Company (DfE) as an example school in outstanding Careers Education.

Our 2023 Ofsted feedback continues to reflect the breadth of our Careers programme “Careers advice is plentiful and helps pupils to be ambitious and to understand their next steps.” “Preparing them to lead modern life.” When reflecting on Sixth Form Careers support, the inspectors added that students are offered, “High quality careers advice; they feel fully supported by the school. The advice given by visiting alumnae is an absolute strength – a massive programme.”

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