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The aim for our uniform is to present a high standard of personal appearance that is expected of all students.

Through our uniform and dress codes we aim to:

  • encourage pride in the school
  • support teaching and learning
  • enable students to be comfortable, safe and secure
  • ensure that girls of different social, religious and ethnic groups feel welcome
  • protect students from social pressures to dress in a particular way

In this way, the uniform and dress codes contribute to the overall aims of the school.

Regulation Uniform List

All pupils, except members of the Sixth Form, are expected to wear school uniform as listed below. It is expected that parents will cooperate fully with this essential part of school discipline.

All clothes and property must be clearly marked with the owner's name and kept so marked. Our uniform is obtainable from most high street retailers but should meet the following criteria. Where particular retailers are referenced, the items were available in those stores at the time of printing.

A second-hand uniform shop is run by the Parents' Association, details of which may be obtained from Matron.

School Policies Uniform and Dress Code

Eco Uniform Shop 

School Uniform and PE Kit

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